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How to choose a decorative stone for interior decoration of the house

  1. Types of facing stones for interior decoration in the interior
  2. The most popular types of natural stone for interior decoration
  3. What to choose for interior decoration
  4. Natural stone or decorative
  5. How much is a stone for interior decoration, where to buy
  6. Types of artificial stones

If you decide to change the interior of your room, then you should pay attention to the decoration of the walls with facing stone. For a long time, the design of such material was very expensive. Moreover, both the material itself and the work on its installation were expensive.

Today, with the advent of technology, successful imitations of natural stone have appeared, used to interior decoration . Such an artificial facing stone, which is also called decorative, in appearance is no different from natural material.

Types of facing stones for interior decoration in the interior

  1. Today it is used for interior decoration in the interior is very rare. And the reason for this lies in its high cost, as well as in the large weight of the material. After all, not every wall can withstand such a burden. Therefore, if they use natural stone to decorate interiors, it is only on a limited surface of the wall. For example, you can arrange columns, a fireplace or a podium in the winter garden.
  2. Artificial or decorative facing stone is a great alternative to natural materials for interior decoration. The cheapest material is considered fake diamond on a concrete base. It consists of cement, various dyes and fillers in the form of perlite, pumice clay. The weight of this material is much less than that of natural stone, and it costs less. Installation of decorative stone is simple, and it can be laid on any wall surface. In addition, if necessary, you can easily restore the damaged lining of artificial stone.
  3. Interior wall decoration under the brick most in demand. This design emphasizes the noble style, creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. However, all components of cement decorative brick must be of high quality, which will protect the material from discoloration during operation. Such a facing stone is distinguished by durability, fire safety and environmental cleanliness.
  4. Porcelain stoneware . Many designers use this popular kind of artificial stone for interior decoration. The composition of this material includes feldspar, quartz sand, several grades of clay, coloring pigments in the form of metal oxides and mineral additives. Due to this, the material has a high strength and uniformity of structure.
  5. Acrylic facing stone - a practical solution for the interior decoration of the walls in the room. It is not deformed and is not afraid of moisture, is lightweight and easy to clean. Acrylic stone does not support burning and is safe for humans.
  6. Agglomerate is another kind of artificial stone. It is represented by two main types. Decorative agglomerate crumb very accurately copies the structure natural stone . With the help of this material can be created majestic marble-mosaic coatings in the traditions of ancient Rome, Greece and Byzantium. Agglomerates are resistant to abrasion, have low weight and low hygroscopicity.

Facing decorative stone successfully imitates any natural material: granite, marble, precious rocks, and even brick. Exquisitely and luxuriously looks interior, in which there is marbled or granite facing. Such a brilliant design perfectly emphasizes the delicate taste and status of the owner of the house or apartment. A special charm will give the interior design a copy of dark green malachite. The style perfectly emphasizes the pale pink imitation of marble on the walls of the room.

Interior decoration natural stone is one of the most original and interesting options interior decoration. This material has long won deserved recognition due to its long service life and a very spectacular appearance. The main advantages of such finishes include:

  • strength and durability, high wear resistance;
  • the versatility of the material, its practicality;
  • attractive appearance, originality of the picture;
  • good thermal conductivity;
  • environmental friendliness.

The natural motifs that a stone introduces into the interior will perfectly fit into a modern dwelling, but it is important to choose the right kind of material, to determine its color, structure, and functional characteristics.

The most popular types of natural stone for interior decoration

Marble is the most valuable and very beautiful material. This wall covering looks very noble and expensive, emphasizing the high status of the owner of the house and its exquisite taste.

Granite and quartzite due to its dense structure and strength are ideal for finishing. The surfaces covered with them need the minimum leaving.

Travertine has the best thermal conductivity and has excellent physical properties for wall cladding.

Limestone is also used very widely - with high strength and durability, the price is affordable.

Slate is very fond of modern designers for its exceptional appearance, thanks to which it is easy to recreate the styles of minimalism, high-tech and the like in the design of rooms.

In his house. Usually this action lasts a very long time, and when it ends, it’s time to start repairing in a new way, but this is with regard to cosmetic repairs. Usually, people make such repairs on their own, which is why it is delayed indefinitely.

But sometimes it comes time to overhaul the capital and then it’s best for you to trust the professionals, yes, it costs money, yes, you have to spend a lot of money, but you can’t do without builders. So, when all the preparatory work is ready and the apartment is ready to be transformed, you need not make a mistake with the choice of material with which you will do the interior decoration of your apartment. And the choice is big here.

What to choose for interior decoration

Now in the market of building materials there is a huge amount of various finishing materials. You can make the apartment finish with plastic panels . Such panels are not expensive, have a good appearance, are environmentally friendly and can serve you for a long time, and if you accidentally damage the plastic panel, you can easily replace it. Drawing on such panels may also be very different, for example, panels under the stone for interior decoration . Such panels imitate masonry in your apartment. It looks very original, especially as drawing under a stone is now in fashion.

If you do not want to contact plastic, you can make the interior of the apartment with a tile. This material is a bit more expensive, but it looks and lasts much longer than plastic panels. Only here with the installation of tiles you may have problems. Unlike plastic panels, it is quite difficult to lay walls in an apartment with tiles; such work requires certain skills. Tiles can also be selected under the stone, tiles under the stone for interior decoration are now very popular among people who have gathered or are already doing repairs in their apartment.

In general, we want to say that the theme of the stone is very relevant in the construction world. Remember how at one time it was very fashionable to sheathe an apartment with wood, wood was everywhere, in the kitchen, in the corridors, some even managed to sheathe the bathroom with wood. If there was no money for the tree, then buy wallpaper under the tree and pretend that everything in the apartment is sheathed with this material. Those times are gone and now stone is in fashion. So maybe you should not engage in a fake and make the interior of the apartment a stone?

So maybe you should not engage in a fake and make the interior of the apartment a stone

And here you have a question about which stone to choose, but it can be different, it can be a natural stone for interior decoration , it can be an artificial stone for interior decoration, but it can be. Which one of them to choose, to this question we will try to answer you today.

Natural stone or decorative

For those who have never dealt with a stone, it will be very important to decide for yourself which material to choose for the interior decoration of an apartment, let's consider all the pros and cons of natural and decorative stone for interior decoration . So, what kind of apartments are usually finished with natural stone? Well, first of all, the interior of the apartment is made of marble, it looks very beautiful and expensive. And not only does it look expensive, in fact, the interior decoration with marble will cost you dearly, and this is one of the main drawbacks of natural stone.

In addition, it is very difficult to lay natural stone. After all, natural stone tiles usually have a different color, so only a high-level professional can do this lining so that the colors of the tiles match. In general, we can conclude that the interior decoration with natural stone will bring you not only the embroilment with its styling, but also make you spend a lot of money on the material itself. Of course, when the repair is completed, it will all look very good and rich, but as long as you do this repair, it will exhaust you a lot of nerves.

An alternative to natural stone, can be a decorative stone for interior decoration . Such a stone is made artificially, but outwardly it is absolutely no different from a natural stone. But this stone is much cheaper, has many colors and shades, so you can easily choose this stone for the design and color scheme of your apartment. In addition, this stone has many forms, but it is very convenient to lay it. After all, it has the shape of a wild stone only from the outside, but from the inside, the stone has the shape of an ordinary brick. Therefore, to lay it without much difficulty can anyone who has at least some skills of a bricklayer, or even completely without them.

Therefore, to lay it without much difficulty can anyone who has at least some skills of a bricklayer, or even completely without them

So summarize. It seems to us that everything is obvious, because the artificial stone is no different in its properties from the natural, but it costs much less, and in the decoration of such a stone is much simpler. The conclusion is obvious, if you do not want to create unnecessary problems for yourself, then you need to buy decorative or, as it is also called, artificial stone for interior decoration. We have many times mentioned the cost or price of decorative stone for interior decoration and natural stone, let's compare them.

How much is a stone for interior decoration, where to buy

So, if your choice of material for interior decoration fell on a decorative stone, then you need to know where to buy it. And it is not difficult to buy it, such material can be purchased at any major construction store in any city. If you know, now even whole supermarkets of building materials have appeared, well, now there is the largest selection of artificial stone for interior decoration in such stores, so if you want to buy it, you are welcome to go there.

If you could not find what you are looking for in the store, then you can order from the manufacturer, in any shape and color you want. With the place where to look for the material, figured out, now let's take a look at the prices of the stone and compare. So, when buying a decorative stone for interior decoration, remember that it is sold either in square meters or in pieces, usually in a package or 0.6 square meters, or about 40 pieces of decorative tiles. The cost of such a package is about 150-200 rubles. Natural stone is sold approximately in the same packages, but the cost of one such package can be from 1000 rubles and more expensive. In general, the difference is obvious.

Types of artificial stones

Currently there are three types of artificial stones for interior decoration . There are artificial stones on a concrete base, ceramic granite and agglomerates. Which type to choose? Let's try to figure it out. On a concrete base, it is an artificial stone for interior decoration, it has increased strength, since various metal oxides are used as painted elements. Still in the composition of such a stone is sand, several grades of clay and cement.

As you understand, such material does not fit well into the “environmentally friendly material” rubric. Agglomerates attract the attention of those people who love luxury in their interiors and they can be understood why they love this material so much. Through the use of modern technologies used in the production of this material, it is possible to achieve complete coincidence with the natural stone. In the production of this cladding material, natural marble chips and resin are used, which allow you to create a pattern and structure identical to natural stone.

And thanks to the outer surface of the tile is given not only brilliance, but also heat. Yes, unlike its natural counterpart, this artificial marble is warm to the touch, so it is very comfortable and comfortable to sit on such windowsills. Such material has a number of advantages: it is durable, affordable, it almost does not need to be cared for, the material is resistant to abrasion, in addition, during operation, the sinter does not appear yellowish, like natural marble. This is due to the fact that the coloring particles in artificial marble are distributed more evenly.

This is due to the fact that the coloring particles in artificial marble are distributed more evenly

In general, bulk marble is a great option for decorative stone for interior decoration of walls in an apartment. Such material will create an atmosphere of wealth and prosperity in your apartment, and will also emphasize the good taste of the owner of the dwelling. Very often, brick-like tiles are used on a par with marble, such tiles create the illusion of a real unfinished brick wall. Owners of cafes and bars like this tile very much. After all, tile brick makes the institution an illusion of security and reliability.

As a result, customers are in the institution with great pleasure. Such a tile, installed at home, also creates the illusion of comfort and reliability. Decorative brick is currently the most popular type of home decoration. Therefore, if you choose for yourself this option of interior decoration of the room, then you will be in trend.

Therefore, if you choose for yourself this option of interior decoration of the room, then you will be in trend

If you decide to make the interior decoration of the walls a decorative stone in your apartment, you should remember a few rules of such decoration. It is clear that it is not customary to hide such a rich finish from prying eyes (and why did you do it at all then), therefore, it is imperative to be able to bring such repairs to your friends and acquaintances who will come to visit you. After all, I really want everyone to just gasp from the repair you did yourself. Therefore, remember that first of all the wall, trimmed with stone , decorative or natural (does not matter) should be well lit, so think about what kind of lamps can be hung on this wall so that they come to the interior.

If only part of the wall is finished, then this part should be illuminated. Why do you need it? Everything is simple, only with good lighting you can see the structure of the stone, you can see its relief, play of light, play. A properly lit wall with stone trim can produce a striking effect. It is best to make the light fall on the wall from above, then the relief of the stone will be more noticeable. The second rule that should be remembered by a person who has decorated with stone in his apartment wall is that stone decoration very well combines with greenery. If you have decorated the wall with a stone, be sure to let a liana on this wall or place a stand with lush flowers near it. Very good stone decoration will look in the greenhouse, well, if you have one in your house, of course.

If you stone the walls of the hallway, then make sure that the wall lighting was installed on both sides. It will be very profitable to look at the wall, which is highlighted above and below. If you plan to install a fireplace in the wall or its imitation, then be sure to veneer it with the same stone. And what to do if you did, but you cannot provide normal lighting, there are such cases. Then we can advise you to choose to choose only the stone, made in bright colors.

Do not use a stone in such a case, in order to make the stone look without illumination, you can revet only part of the wall, for example, the arch above the entrance to the room, the corner or just a small section of the wall. The light fragment of the wall against the background of a decorative fountain will look very good, they have now become a fashionable chip in the design of apartments and houses. Behind him and lick a small section of the wall with light stone.

Behind him and lick a small section of the wall with light stone

So let's summarize. Stone finishing is a very good thing. If you decide to do a major overhaul at home, then how finishing material Be sure to choose a stone, and it doesn't matter whether it is natural or decorative. Such repairs will be appreciated by your friends, and you will have to forget about problems with cosmetic or capital repairs for many years. All these plastic panels, tile tiles , wallpaper and painted walls - great for repairs. But over time, it will not look so bright.

If you’re looking for something like that, you’ll see it. But the stone he is a stone, he is eternal. Thousands of years. So make a medieval castle out of your apartment and then the saying “my house, my fortress” will come to life right in your home, and your house will turn into this very fortress in every sense.

So make a medieval castle out of your apartment and then the saying “my house, my fortress” will come to life right in your home, and your house will turn into this very fortress in every sense