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How to ignite coal for hookah at home. How to ignite coals for hookah at home. Several ways

  1. For quick rekindling
  2. Coconut type
  3. What can replace hookah coal
  4. The first method is non-pressed charcoal.
  5. The second method is pressed charcoal.
  6. Basic knowledge
  7. How to ignite coals for hookah
  8. What other options are there?
  9. Safety first
  10. Activated carbon
  11. Charcoal
  12. Electronic coal

How to ignite coal for hookah? It is usually difficult for beginners to deal with this invention. Such an action will not cause much difficulty if you know some tricks. The kindling technology differs depending on the type of coal.

For quick rekindling

There are 3 types of funds to incite:

  • coconut (it is pressed);
  • woody (raw materials for it are various wood species);
  • quickly ignited (may contain alcohol).

The latter type of coal is produced in the form of tablets. It may have the appearance of a ring, and this helps the easy passage of air through the edges and center. In this way it will quickly warm up and fall into the bowl. Their diameter is from 35 mm. Of all types, the kindling with the most quickly ignited coal is the easiest. It contains chemical components that are easily flammable.

To incite this type, you need to take one pill and hold it over the gas for a while; you can use a lighter. Manipulation is done until the tablet is sparkled. It should catch fire, after that you need to wait a bit. Rapidly fired coal must completely stop sparking. If the pill is blowing wind, it will have a red color. With this coal should still wait a few minutes. During this time there will be a maximum volatilization of all chemical compounds that are in the composition of the tablets.

This type is used in extreme cases. During their burning, the quickly igniting coals emit substances that do not have a positive effect on the people around them, but can harm the organs of the respiratory system. When a person smokes a hookah on such coals, he feels his strong smell very strongly. In most cases, for lovers and true connoisseurs of hookah, the smell of such funds is unacceptable. They are able to change taste qualities hookah, make them less enjoyable.

Coconut type

This type is obtained on the basis of coconut shells. Manufacturers are pressing it. Through this action it is possible to get a lot of heat. Smoldering coconut charcoal for hookah fits better, because it lasts longer than with other types. Although coconut coals have such advantages, they are more expensive. But on the street the process of inciting can cause some difficulties.

How to ignite coconut charcoal for hookah? It is necessary to warm it up as much as possible so that it turns red on all sides. Due to this, there will be no smell when a person lights up.

Due to this, there will be no smell when a person lights up

At home, it is allowed to kindle coals with the help of cookers (gas, electric). Electric cookers can also be used. If you use it to incite coconut coal, it will take about 5 minutes. The kitchen stove for heat needs a minimum of 5 minutes.

To quickly heat up the means for kindling, it is necessary to constantly turn it over using tongs. If there is a hookah with a medium or small bowl, you need to use 3 dice. It must be remembered that tobacco is capable of burning in the bowl. In this case, you need to remove 1 cube of coconut coal.

Knowing all the features of kindling, it is best to use coconut coals and an electric stove for heating. When coal comes into contact with fire, the effect of gravity is achieved, which is why it is not so pleasant to smoke hookah later. It is forbidden to use convection plates to incite hookah, since there is a high probability of damaging the device. Negative effects are also likely with modern cooking hobs.

If you have already started cooking your own hookah a long time ago, tried various tastes and cooking methods, then it’s time to learn something new. For example, you can try to make hookah without coal. However, naturally, for this you need to know what can be used instead of it, as well as what and how you can ignite a hookah without coal at home.

What can replace hookah coal

It happens that friends suddenly came to you, or just wanted to smoke a hookah, but there was no coal at home. What to do in this case? Give up the idea to smoke hookah among friends? No, you can always find a way out of the situation, you just need to know where to look. What can be used instead of hookah coal? There are several options:

  • Activated carbon in pills. This product consists of coconut and charcoal, and there are no unnecessary odors and impurities. Moreover, these pills can be easily found in every pharmacy, and they are quite inexpensive. This product can be ignited using a conventional lighter in just a few seconds. However, this option has a serious disadvantage - it burns out extremely quickly, and you will need to constantly pour the pills. It is best to buy twenty pills at once, so that they are exactly enough. It will be completely inexpensive, but it will create some inconvenience, since you constantly have to be alert to throw the pills. But the smoke you get thick and without any unpleasant taste;
  • charcoal for grilling. Be careful with this material. It is advisable to make a thicker layer of foil so that the tobacco in the bowl does not burn. Also, coal for grilling is better to use if you are going to smoke hookah in the fresh air, and not indoors;
  • electronic coal. Pretty good option. Of course, it is not cheap, but for such a price you will get a number of advantages. When smoking, there will be no black smoke, no unpleasant smell, and there are no harmful substances in this product. Also, you will not need to constantly buy new coal.

Also, you will not need to constantly buy new coal

It’s pretty easy to make hookah coal with your own hands. Hookah with coal, cooked with his own hand, it becomes much more interesting. Many people think why complicate their lives and do what they can freely buy. But if you assure you, smoking a hookah with hand-made coals is much more pleasant. You can make yourself both unpressed and extruded. charcoal . How to make coal for hookah?

The first method is non-pressed charcoal.

In order to make such coal, we need wood, preferably from a fruit tree (apple, apricot, cherry ...), a tin can with a lid, about one and a half liters in volume and, actually, a fire.

For a start we kindle a fire. Then we clean the bark from our wood, and cut it into suitable pieces. The can before use should be cleaned of contamination and various aromas, so that they are not transferred to our coal. We lay out our bars in the bank and close it. We make a hole in its lid with a diameter of five millimeters. We place our jar in the fire. Gas will be emitted from the can openings, which will burn out. After it will be seen that the gas came out of the can, it can be removed. It will happen in about twenty minutes of burning. After the bank has cooled, we get out of it our ready-made homemade coal. The used capacity from an air freshener can quite fit. The method of producing charcoal in this capacity will be identical to the previous one. You will need to cut the upper part of the can, then put the bars inside, clamp the top and bend it, make a hole in it.

If you did not find any iron capacity, you can simply kindle a fire, wait until it burns down, and as soon as the firewood stops burning (the flame disappears), take these coals, put it in a prepared pit and sprinkle them with earth so that air does not pass ( leave the coals in the ground for 1-2 hours). After that, we dig up the finished charcoal, made with his own hands. You can just fill it with water. True, then you have to dry them. As a result, we get an excellent, hand-made coal for hookah, which does not contain any additives and chemistry. He also has no unpleasant taste. Fueled such coal is also very easy (on the gas or electric stove), the consumption is a little more.

The second method is pressed charcoal.

In order to make such coal, you need to knead a thick porridge of water, coal and starch. First we add a small amount of water to our coal, crush and mix the coal to a thick consistency, then add a little starch (about one-tenth of the total mass), it will make our substance viscous.

Now we need to make a construction in order to compress our mass. We will need a metal pipe about seven centimeters long and 3-4 centimeters in diameter. We will fill this pipe with our mass of coal.

Next you need to make a piston, which we will push into this pipe. To do this, cut rounds of hard rubber, equal in diameter to our pipe. We nail it to the wooden handle, which is a little thinner and longer than our pipe. We have a construction similar to an open-top syringe. Then pour our substance into this syringe, close its top with a piece of flat iron, and squeeze. In order to get a good compressed coal, you need to use a vice, with which you can drive the piston into our design.

Hookah smoking has long ceased to be exotic. This is a stylish, interesting and pleasant pastime. Many people do not want to limit themselves to visiting cafes or clubs, and buy a hookah for the house. And here comes the first problem: to enjoy the process, you need to know how to kindle coal for a hookah.

Basic knowledge

Hookah preparation requires some skills and knowledge. First you need to decide on filling the flask. Usually this knowledge is gained empirically. It is enough to try various fillers several times to determine what you like exactly.

Tobacco for hookah is sold in special shops or shops. It can be fruit compositions - cherry, melon, apple, or aromatic - mint, vanilla, cinnamon and so on.

The hookah flask is filled so that it sinks into it 1.5-2 cm. Tobacco is placed in a small bowl and covered with a special foil. Now you can start the ignition.

How to ignite coals for hookah

For the hookah, natural or self-igniting coals are bought. Popular options of natural coal, which easily inflame and keep the temperature for a long time:

  • coal from;
  • coconut shell coal;
  • coal from olive pits.

Chemical variants undergo additional processing and create an additional smell in the process of use, which is mixed with the smell of tobacco. However, they are very easy to ignite, even though they spark a little.

How to ignite coal for hookah is not understood by everyone, even though there is nothing difficult in this. There are literally four points whose knowledge will allow you to do this without problems:

  1. Charcoal during ignition is aged on an open fire for up to five minutes.
  2. Ready for hookah embers red inside and gray outside.
  3. Burning coals break a little and are transferred to the hookah with the utmost care so as not to burn yourself.
  4. Ignition is best done outdoors, at least in a well ventilated room or on the veranda.

How to kindle coals for hookah covered with nitre, is generally easier to explain. This chemical variant of coal is ignited with a regular match or cigarette lighter for 1-2 minutes. For the aesthetics of the process, many use special miniature gas or electric burners. You can also use a turbo flare lighter.

What other options are there?

Buy additional equipment is not necessary. Enough to deal with how to kindle coals for hookah on the stove. The best option is a spiral electric burner. However, plates with flat round rings are quite suitable for these purposes. Pieces of coal have close to each other. To create heat from foil, you can make an additional "house", covering the hob. Finished coals have a bright red color and a gray coating on the surface.

If you are thinking about how to kindle the hookah coal on a glass-ceramic-coated stove, then it’s better to discard this idea. Coals, of course, will burn, but the stove may be damaged.

Safety first

Many people choose to smoke hookah, because this process does not carry such danger as a regular cigarette. Although doctors can argue with this statement.

The safe use of a hookah implies accuracy in the ignition of coal and the mandatory ventilation of the room where the ignition took place. Ensure that no flammable materials are in the room. In addition, it will not be superfluous to have an individual mouthpiece, especially when group smoking a hookah. You do not want a nice time to end with the manifestations of herpes, hepatitis or tuberculosis.

It is possible to smoke hookah both in loneliness, and the cheerful company. The most important thing is that all security measures are observed, then nothing can darken a pleasant pastime.

Many wonder how to replace coal for hookah, when it ends at the most inopportune moment. Quite an unpleasant situation, but there are a variety of tricks that will get out of it.

The whole problem lies in the fact that in the usual household goods stores you cannot buy special coals. This is a rather specific product that is sold at specialized points, and sometimes it is necessary to trick, so as not to make it impossible to pamper yourself. So, what can replace hookah coal?

Activated carbon

The best quality replacement option will become familiar to all activated carbon. It can be purchased absolutely in any pharmacy, which, by the way, work around the clock. With it, you will be able to smoke hookah.

It is worth emphasizing that activated charcoal should be used only in the form of tablets It is worth emphasizing that activated charcoal should be used only in the form of tablets. In granules and powdered for such purposes will not work.

At home it can be easily ignited. It is enough to hold a few seconds over an open fire, after which it will actively smolder. This method is very popular, because of its undeniable advantages: it costs a penny, gives a fairly strong heat, it is easily ignited.

However, it was not without drawbacks. The most important is fast burning. We will have to constantly add new pills to maintain fever and ensure normal smoking. Immediately it is worth buying 20-30 records, so that you probably have enough and put it into a hookah literally in handfuls.


How to make coal for hookah with your own hands, if you are on a picnic, and there are no shops nearby? Easy peasy. All you have to do is use the heat from the fire. It is important to consider in the process of how to make coal for hookah, the density of wood (the denser, the better), to keep the heat longer. You can use for these purposes birch, apple and so on. A well-hardened piece of coal will not add unnecessary flavors to the smoke; tobacco will have its own smell.

However, it should be understood that none of the listed options (neither charcoal from a fire, nor activated from a pharmacy) can effectively replace specialized hookah coal. After all, it is made in a special way, taking into account its purpose.

Electronic coal

This is a proven modern way. Electronic coal has the advantages of:

Electronic coal has the advantages of:

And most importantly, the question of how to smoke your hookah without coal is solved by itself. It is worth noting that the opinions of the hookah workers themselves are very different about this. Some do not dare to use this gadget, adhering to the old traditions of hookah. Others on the contrary, in every way praise and use only him.

The main disadvantage of this method is binding to the outlet. It is also necessary to ensure that the chilim was filled only half, due to the fact that the gadget gives off heat all the time, and not just when you tighten.

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