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Why the pea does not fall apart for a long time. How to cook pea soup to pea boil down

  1. Correct grains - the key to success
  2. Soak or not?
  3. Is the fire strong or weak?
  4. How much water do you need when cooking peas?
  5. When to salt
  6. Do you need oil?
  7. How to quickly cook peas
  8. Kitchen appliances
  9. Video: how to cook a delicious pea porridge
  10. How to cook pea soup with smoked meats?
  11. How to cook delicious pea soup?
  12. How to quickly cook peas: "Pea" cooking secrets
  13. How to quickly cook peas for soup: should we wrestle?

Sometimes you read culinary conversations and wonder. Ladies boil peas for 5-7 hours, and still it remains firm. Women, look carefully into the pan. Maybe diamonds are there? Or at the worst gravel? Yes, even the most wooden beans can be cooked to a state of mashed potatoes in just an hour! Discover the secrets of how to quickly cook peas.

Correct grains - the key to success

First of all, it is important to correctly select the peas. There is one simple way. It is called "look carefully." What do we have to do? Oddly enough, but just look closely. Grains of peas, which are quickly boiled soft smooth balls. Those peas that look like shriveled cubes, you can safely lay the foundation of the foundation. For in hardness they are not inferior to stones.

Council The fastest growing peas are halves, not whole seeds.

Soak or not?

The second case, according to most sources, is the obligatory soaking of the grains. Hours at least 10. Pfff And who said that this is the ultimate truth? Moreover, it is advised to put salt, sugar, soda in water.

By the way, about her. As far back as 70 years old, it was scientifically proven that adding soda to peas at any stage of preparation completely destroys the B vitamins in it. And the absorption of such a dish slows down several times.

Just now it is not necessary to reduce gas in the soda. Cook the beans right. And then there will be no gas.

Let's return to the soak. This procedure is not mandatory. It is perfectly replaced by washing with water. Yes, the usual clean water. But the subtlety is precisely in the fact that at the end of the process the water was absolutely transparent. Otherwise you will have to boil the peas like brawn. 8 hours for sure.

And yes, it is not enough just to pour the liquid and pour it. So you will rinse the grain week. Bother with a handful of peas to make your task easier. Usually enough 6-7 times to change the water.

Is the fire strong or weak?

Some sources strongly warn that the fire should be minimal. Say, the starch in the pea composition is glued together and significantly complicates the cooking process.

Whose? Is the potato (in it also starch) on a high fire turns into a brick? It seems that she is boiling soft. Then why the pea starch behaves differently? Nonsense what. Turn on the fire under the dishes to the fullest. Well, or at least the average power.

How much water do you need when cooking peas?

And now we remember how the beans are boiled in order to quickly. Fill with cold water, slightly covering the kernels. Boil - splash a little cold or even with ice. Again boil - repeat the procedure. So, the beans will cook faster. For some reason, will the pea change its mind and become stiff?

And further. To boil 3 liters of water with peas, it will take much more time than the liquid only covered the grain.

When to salt

Most of the recommendations strongly advise to pour salt into the already almost ready peas. And again, a caution: salted grains cook longer. Um Perhaps we will return to the potatoes. That she cooked faster, everyone recommends her salting IMMEDIATELY. But when frying, it is advised to salt at the end so that it does not fall apart before time.

Try salt peas in the beginning. And note the time. Sure, the result will pleasantly surprise you. By the way, remember the delicious indulgence of your childhood - roasted peas. He, too, was salted at the very beginning. Then the crust turned out crispy, and inside the kernels were soft.

Hence the conclusion: it is necessary to salt the peas at the very beginning of the process. Then it will cook much faster.

Do you need oil?

There are still recommendations to put a piece in a saucepan butter . Say, from this cooking of grains is reduced. Tend to disagree. This is how the butter accelerates cooking? Proofs in the studio, please. Or any other evidence. For example, a link to the result of an experiment conducted according to all the rules and with purity.

Otherwise, we will have to call this procedure waste. Everyone knows the price of real butter? And it turns out a waste. And do not talk about improving the taste. You will improve it in your plate, adding creamy tenderness to the ready dish. We are now talking about the speed of cooking peas.

Conclusion: no cooking oil or fat affects peas.

Council If you need exactly pea porridge, and not whole boiled kernels, then do not hammer in the head. Buy ready-made sublimated dry mashed peas, and just brew it with boiling water according to the instructions. True, according to reviews, the taste of such a dish still loses this puree. Although, you always have the opportunity to refine it. For example, fried onions or pieces of bacon.

How to quickly cook peas

True, an intriguing subtitle? I bet this is the first thing you rushed to read in the article? We hope that we will not disappoint your haste. All you need to do is take green seeds instead of dried grains.

No, not milky ripeness. It is ripe peas, but not yet dried, green hue. The taste of the dish will not change. And all whistlers with washing in 7 waters can be avoided. Boil the peas as usual. Such grains will be ready in 30-35 minutes without the addition of cold liquid or pieces of ice.

It is clear that the villagers in this regard is easier. I went to the garden, chopped the pods, nustil and cook. Urban what to do? Either look for familiar villagers, or read the article from the very beginning. Everything is written there in detail.

Kitchen appliances

Many housewives pretend to use kitchen accessories for their intended purpose. For example, the good old pressure cooker reduces the cooking time of peas to 25-30 minutes.

The slow cooker can cook a full-fledged pea soup in an hour. You just need to load all the necessary components into it, press the button and forget.

Even the simplest blender will help. If you have tried a pea, it is soft, but not falling apart yet, and the children already require porridge, then:

  • remove the pan from the stove
  • pour some liquid into a bowl
  • grind peas with a blender

It may be necessary to return the drained water back to the pan. By the way, instead of a blender, wood or iron pulverizer works great. Include your head and your fantasy.

Buy crushed peas, not whole grains. Trouble is much less, they cook faster, the taste is no different.

Be sure to mix peas more often during cooking. And take the dishes with a thick bottom and walls. It will be very annoying if all your time and physical costs go to ashes if the grains are burnt. All types of peas, except green, are often sinned by this. Who would like the taste and smell of burning?

Remove foam from water. Is always. This will prevent the liquid from escaping like milk. At the same time, you will collect small mote that might have been missed during washing.

How to quickly cook peas? It turns out very simple. A bit of creativity, a little more logic, and an included head. And now an hour later the pea puree is ready, and on the table is fragrant and healthy soup. Follow our recommendations and in the kitchen you will be much easier.

Video: how to cook a delicious pea porridge

Many who do not have at their disposal a blender, ask: how to cook pea soup to boil the peas? To get puree-shaped soup, it is not necessary to use a variety of gadgets, just pick chopped peas, rinse them beforehand and start cooking, following the technologies described below.

How to cook pea soup with smoked meats?

We have already repeatedly written about the classic variations of the pea soup, so this time we’ll stop focusing on an unusual version of it.


  • ham - 145 g;
  • onions - 90 g;
  • meat broth - 1.8 l;
  • water - 1.5 l;
  • garlic - 2 cloves;
  • split peas - 3 tbsp.
  • sprig of thyme;
  • laurel leaves - 2 pcs .;
  • celery root - 1 pc .;
  • carrots - 140 g;
  • potatoes - 3-4 tubers.


For roasting vegetables, you can use vegetable oil , but for greater aroma of the dish should be used in the course of baked animal fat. On melted and well-heated fat, save pieces of onions with carrots and add the garlic, pounded into the paste, to them immediately after the vegetables are half cooked. Then send the chopped herring and add the washed broth. Pour the contents of the pan with a mixture of water and broth, add thyme and laurel leaves.

If you didn’t know how to quickly cook pea soup without soaking, then here’s a trick: a pinch of soda will help to speed up the cooking of legumes, which does not affect the taste, but will play into the hand of any fan of thick creamy soups.

When the peas come to readiness, and the excess liquid evaporates, throw potato cubes into the soup and wait until they soften.

How to cook delicious pea soup?

If you think chickpea soup is popular only in our area, then we are in a hurry to surprise you, in fact, it is not rarely cooked even in the East. Classic oriental tastes are very in harmony with beans, turning an ordinary dish into something strikingly new.


  • ginger root - 3 slices;
  • - 2 pcs.;
  • carrots - 115 g;
  • laurel leaves - 2 pcs .;
  • curry powder - 1/2 tsp;
  • paprika - 1 tsp;
  • garlic - 3 cloves;
  • potatoes - 110 g;
  • split peas - 1 1/2 st .;
  • vegetable broth - 2.1 l.


Use preheated oil to sauté carrot and celery pieces. When the vegetables are half cooked, add ginger slices to them, let them give up their flavor, then add curry, add paprika and chopped garlic. Another half a minute and you can pour well washed peas. Immediately fill it with liquid, add potato cubes and let everything cook over low heat for about an hour and a half. During this time, the potato cubes and peas will turn into mashed potatoes, and excess moisture evaporates, concentrating the taste of the broth and making the consistency of the soup puree.

If you did not know how to cook pea soup in a slow cooker, then try the technique on this recipe, it is ideal for prolonged languishing in the device when extinguishing mode for two hours.


Sometimes you read culinary conversations and wonder


Brown the bacon and add carrot and onion pieces to it. When the last reach half-cooked, add zazhavku chopped garlic and ginger. Pour the marjoram, paprika, supplement all with thyme and laurel. After that, pour in the broth and add the washed peas. Boil the soup for an hour, put the potatoes and continue cooking for another half hour. Serve with crackers.

These legumes are recommended for low hemoglobin, for vegetarians, during the colder seasons, but how quickly you cook the peas without soaking disturbs the hosts in vain. You can cook it for pea cutlets, stuffing in pies. And sometimes, I wanted a nutritious rich hot soup, mashed potatoes, or an unusual second dish, but I do not want to wait. The main thing is to decide to what consistency it should boil (remain whole or let it be boiled dry).

How to quickly cook peas without soaking?


Shelled peas 1 gram Soda 0 tsp. Water 2 liters

  • Servings Per Container: 1
  • Cooking time: 2 minutes

Simple tricks will help to navigate:

  • It is necessary to rinse the peas under running water so many times that the water covering it remains white and transparent.
  • The size and fragmentation of the legume culture affects the cooking process, so preference is given to half peas, and the whole is still soaked overnight.
  • In the process of cooking add cold, ice water.

How to quickly cook peas: "Pea" cooking secrets

How to quickly cook peas, few housewives know. Kitchen helpers will come to the rescue: sugar, sunflower oil, soda. You need to use one thing:

  1. In peas boiling in a saucepan, boil it separately, add 0.5 - 1 teaspoon baking soda for every two liters of water. After cooking, the beans are washed, if they have not reached the consistency of mashed potatoes. You can rinse the finished product, and then crush or even boil it and wait for the cooking.
  2. Unscented sunflower oil (not deodorized) is also poured into a saucepan with cold water and peas. An impermeable film is created on the surface that speeds up the cooking process.

Sometimes it is left to boil in a slow cooker, which will automatically turn off after a set time (about 2 hours). Pros - you do not need to constantly stir and add water, and in a closed container the peas will still stand, “steam up”.

How to quickly cook peas for soup: should we wrestle?

Washing and soaking at night is not a simple whim of women of previous generations. So, these legumes “gave away” to water harmful substances, including microelements that are difficult to digest. How quickly to prepare heaps, women knew then.

"Grandmother's" methods, which rarely attach importance to:

  • If you put the washed legumes in cold water along with the bones for the broth, which will take a couple of hours to cook, the peas will be prepared by the time the potatoes are laid.
  • If you cook it separately, you can put a little sugar, but do not forget to wash the culture. Soup with sweetness is too exotic.
  • Some craftsmen claim that the potato itself has a positive effect on the speed of cooking peas (it helps potato starch).

And you can buy ready-made briquettes for pea soup. Well, there is certainly no undermining on how to quickly cook peas. Everything is written on the packaging. Faster not yet invented!

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How to cook delicious pea soup?
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Is the fire strong or weak?